About The Event 

Now a days, companies have been coming forward to contribute to the community through their CSR activities in the regions they have their business operations. But organizations’ initiatives have been nothing less than stellar when it comes to working for the development and well-being of the community.

Business Rankers, the English Magazine on Rajasthan’s Industry, have come across inspiring stories of companies doing exemplary work in their CSR framework.

The event has been clinically curated to bring together leading companies operating in Rajasthan, NGOs, CSR foundations, consultancy firms, government agencies, experts, resource persons, and social change agents to debate how the local population can participate in the activities and also benefit from the CSR programs as a targeted segment.

We have seen that there are companies willing to contribute to the region where their businesses are. But the problem they often face is how to go about it at the local level. The conclave will seek answers to improve the network among the various eco-system players to build synergies and improve the effectiveness of CSR activities.

Panel discussions, keynote sessions, product demos, and networking sessions will be key features of the event. The one-day conclave will bring success stories, models, and strategies to implement various CSR programs’ initiatives.

Social impact startups, grassroots innovations, and successful local indigenous strategies will also be the key features of the event which will help companies in deploying their resources wisely and yield better outcomes.

The Conclave will also feature an award ceremony to honour corporates, foundations, NGOs, activists, agencies, and experts doing pioneering work in bringing about social changes at the grassroots level.

The event seeks to brainstorm ideas and deliberate on transformative technologies, pioneering strategies, and insightful conversations. It fosters collaboration around CSR, sustainable development goals, and overarching social impact.

We have been organizing such events on targeted themes to empower the stakeholders with the scope of networking and convergence.

Last but not least is the launch of the Coffee Table Book on CSR activities done by various corporations and foundations. This would be a unique collection of inspiring stories that can be infectious for others to replicate similar initiatives. 

Topics For Discussion

The Exhibition Window

The parallel-running exhibition is designed to give exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their innovative methods and solutions that can help us meet the objective of sustainable and equitable development through CSR intervention. The exhibition is also an excellent platform for groups to find prospective business partners and possible expansion opportunities. Besides these advantages, it is also a unique opportunity for a brand-building exercise in the CSR ecosystem.

The exhibition will provide an effective networking platform for the exhibitors to display products and services to practicing CSR resource experts. Exhibitors will also get the opportunity to interact and identify synergies from the ecosystem players. Business organizations can meet potential NGOs, resource persons working in the sector and strategists.

Key Participants

• Corporate CSR Heads. Managers, Corp Comm Team
• CSR Foundation Team
• Nonprofits Leadership Team, Fundraising/Comms Team, Project Team
• Grass-root, Mid and Large Size NGOs
• Social Entrepreneurs
• Government Agencies
• Incubators and Aggregators
• Consulting Firms
• ESG Heads
• Philanthropic Agencies
• Impact Investors

CSR Rankers Award

CSR Rankers Award is honored to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated excellence, creativity, innovation, and applied best practices in carrying out impactful CSR activities on the ground and making a difference in the lives of the people. The Award will serve as a recognition and tribute to the winners’ professionalism and commitment to demonstrating excellence in CSR implementation.

The CSR Awards is an initiative of Business Rankers to encourage companies, Companies’ foundations, and implementing agencies to ideate impactful strategies, and adopt a multi-stakeholder approach leading to excellence in project outcomes and changing the lives of targeted people. The objective of the awards is to identify the best CSR projects and understand how organizatons can deliver high-impact projects. Also, highlight the success of CSR projects and the commitment of the organizatons by recognizing them. The aim is to motivate companies, foundations, and implementing partners to enhance the productivity of the CSR projects so that maximum benefit is derived and expose them to best CSR practices.


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